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Multicom 5 Plus with temperature sensor

Ethernet | 4G

Class 5
Multicom 5 Plus with temperature sensor

Combines security and temperature monitoring into one device

The Multicom Temp Sensor is a leap forward for security and temperature monitoring combined. With support for up to eight temperature sensors and total bus distance of 1000m, the Temp Sensor can manage a single refrigerator to large warehouses with multiple cool rooms. The Multicom Temp Sensor is guaranteed to provide fault notification within one hour.


Multicom 5 Plus with temperature sensor key benefits

Certified and quality assured

Compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements and exceeds the Class 5 Australian Standard AS2201.5.

Easy, secure access and record retention

Authenticated temperature records retained offsite on a secured server for up to 10 years. Secure multi-user data access to data at anytime via AlarmLINK mobile app.

Constant reliable communication

Dual-Carrier technology doubles redundancy by utilising two separate carrier networks. Uses 4G technology which is a viable alternate solution to the NBN, and far more reliable. Auto-switching across voice and data communication paths - 4G/3G, GSM.

Alarm communicator with Cat M1 and NB-IoT, which is forward compatible with the 5G network.

Guaranteed 99.99% uptime

Even during major outages, patented technology ensures a highly reliable, fully encrypted virtual private link over the Multicom Network to the monitoring centre.

Automatic remote software updates

Ensure your Multicom unit is up to date, even when the service providers make changes.

Developed and supported in Australia

C-Tick approved and certified, combines the highest quality components, sourced globally. Meets class 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 of Australian Standard AS2201.5 2008.

Multicom 5 Plus Specifications

Alarm Format

Contact ID, Multicom Network

Alarm Reporting

Connection and Power Fault, Programming Update / Access, Tamper, Test Report, Zone 1 to 2 (24 hour), Zone Lockout

Communication Paths

4G/3G, Ethernet, Bluetooth, SMS, Serial, PFP, PSTN


4 x 24 hr alarm inputs with programmable EOL resistors, Dedicated Tamper Input


2 x programmable dry relay contacts

Polling Plan

Class 2+, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5

Power Supply

16V AC, 50Hz Adaptor

SIM Options

Dual or Single

Temperature Probe

1 x free probe included. Unit can support up to 8 sensors (-10 degrees C to + 85 degrees C)

Technology Guarantee

5 Year Technology Guarantee


(Lifetime Warranty is available to Multicom Partners), 3 years

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