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Brochures, datasheets and guides to help you get to know the Multicom Systems products, software and apps.

On this page you will find useful resources that can help you learn more about our Multicom Series II alarm communicators as well as our software and apps.

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Multicom Systems

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Multicom communicators


Multicom LTE - 4G | LTE | CAT.1


Multicom IoT - CAT M1 | NB-IoT | Class 4 AS2201.5


Multicom LTE+ - Alarm communicator with LTE, WiFi


Multicom Fire - LTE | Class 4 AS2201.5


Multicom Bosch - 4G Dual carrier communicator


Multicom 5 Plus - Ethernet | 4G


Multicom 5 Plus with temperature sensor - Ethernet | 4G