AlarmLink software
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AlarmLINK is a comprehensive app that lets you connect and control your home and business' alarm system from anywhere in the world.

Alarm and Fire monitoring in one device. Connect and control your alarm system.



Arm and disarm your alarm system from anywhere in the world - features built-in intelligence to work out the current alarm system state.


Control Attached Devices

Open and close doors, gates and other devices attached to your alarm system with a simple button press.


Personal protection

In distress situations the app can send silent panic alarms with your current location to your monitoring centre - all without raising an audible alert.


Multi-Device Support

Get a login for your family members or employees to provide them access to your alarm system and personal protection features.


Temperature Control

Configure and monitor high and low temperature alarms for fridges, cool rooms and other temperature sensitive areas.


Secure Access

Access to your alarm system is protected via permissions-based security as well as an optional passcode (challenge code).