Multicom TechTools
Software and Apps


A comprehensive installation app for technicians that lets you manage, configure and commission your Multicom alarm communicators in the field, in real-time.

Manage your Multicom alarm communicators from your PC or mobile device.


Rapid Installation

Scan your device's barcode using your smartphone's built-in camera and jump straight into commissioning the device.


Simplified Configuration

Configure device settings including Account Code, Relay Mappings, Contact ID Events, Test Reporting and Ethernet Settings.


Real-Time Data

View and filter live history of alarms, polls, poll fails and tech activity - real-time, completely transparent access to the activity of your devices.



Techtools utilises an easy-to-use permission-based security structure on top of industry-standard programming codes to protect devices from unauthorised access.


Forget SMS & DTMF

Reduce phone costs by installing & commissioning the device through the app. TechTools eliminates the need for complicated SMS & DTMF programming commands.


Manual Library

Find a feature or program code for your client’s alarm panel in our comprehensive library of alarm panel manuals.

Multicom TechTools software download

Free TechTools for PC

The TechTools web portal now has additional functionality, including updates to the User Permissions and Service Management. This gives you full control of Enabling/Disabling Multicom services.