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Multicom to CAMS integration

Action alarms faster and improve every facet of your monitoring centre operations.

Multicom is now fully integrated into CAMS (Complete Asset Monitoring System). With just over 90% of the monitoring market share, CAMS is Australia’s leading alarm monitoring software platform.


Complete visibility without extra software

Get full visibility from the monitoring platform without the need for third-party software. The customisable screen layout is supported across multiple screens, giving every operator instant, onscreen access to everything they need.


Faster response, greater accuracy

Thanks to its intuitive user interface CAMS offers a streamlined workflow to ensure every operator action is performed as efficiently as possible. In simple terms, you can do more with fewer clicks.


Increased efficiency with a virtual operator

CAMS Virtual Operator (CVO) automatically handles high volume low priority alarms. When the alarm is received into CAMS, a notification is sent to the customer.