May 3, 2021

ANNOUNCING: A New Generation of TechTools Software

TechTools puts you in control of all your Multicom devices.

Whether your role is a Technician, Systems Administrator or Monitoring Centre Operator, TechTools is set to improve the functionality and efficiency of your operations!

View our video to find out how!

TechTools offers a total command centre.

  • Intuitive interface - Easy to understand and use, with graphics and single button controls
  • Lifecycle management, from installation to commissioning; and complete service management
  • Directly integrated into both Telstra and Optus - Services can be Activated, Deactivated, both temporarily and permanently.  Billing is automatically updated.
  • and more!

Multicom has evolved, building long term relationships with our clients, and now boasting the industry's most responsive customer service.

Our commitment to quality hardware includes:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 15-Year Technology Guarantee
  • Lowest Power Consumption in its class