September 25, 2017

Bosch and Multicom join forces to develop the BMC-3G alarm communicator

Codeveloped in Australia by Multicom Systems and Bosch

Tech innovators Bosch and Multicom Systems joined forces to build an alarm communicator that connects the Bosch Solution 2000/3000 panels to Multicom Systems fully managed private network. The new Multicom BMC-3G will be available from Bosch authorised distributors end of September 2017.

"The BMC-3G alarm communicator provides the Solution 2000 and 3000 panels with additional means of securely delivering alarm activations. This technology doubles the redundancy, detects network outages, and switches to the remaining communication options. It’s a clever and strategic offering for Bosch alarm installers and businesses requiring peace of mind. I also see it being very popular with sites that do not have a fixed telephone line," said Chris Dellenty, General Manager of Bosch Security Systems."

"Our team has done an excellent job and I think Bosch technicians are going to love how easy the BMC-3G is to install," said Glenn Smith, managing director of Suretek. "Using the TechTools web portal installers can centrally manage, program and update all of their Bosch panels locally or remotely, using a mobile or PC via a standard web browser." Manager of Bosch Security Systems.

According to Smith, in addition to Bosch, other manufacturer's brands will be compliant with the Multicom Network before the end of the year.

"Our Multicom Network is open platform which means we can make any manufacturer's products compliant with the Multicom Network. Right now our development team is working with several manufacturers who also want their products to be Multicom Network compliant. The advantage to Multicom Network is that it's the only network that guarantees 99.99% uptime, ensuring alarm event delivery even during major outages. No other service provider in Australia offers the same level of redundancy", said Smith.

BMC-3G in more detail
The BMC-3G is an advanced alarm communicator offering direct integration with the Bosch Solution 2000/3000 panels and safe transfer of alarms via the Multicom Network. Developed in Australia with Bosch, it facilitates compliance of Bosch panels with Australian Standard AS2201.5 2008.

The BMC-3G Dual SIM solution, doubles the redundancy on 3G, IP and Voice by utilising 2 separate carrier networks. It enables delivery of alarm messages across three transmission paths, including 3G IP and Voice. The BMC-3G detects issues & outages on the active carrier network and automatically switches to the inactive SIM. If one path fails the BMC-3G automatically transmits across one of the remaining paths providing constant reliable communication to Australian Standard AS2201.5 2008.

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