September 16, 2019

Multicom LTE+ Australia’s First Alarm Communicator with an additional WiFi Path


Multicom LTE+

Provides an additional and true NBN path.  Compatible with any type of Internet.  

Dual Carrier Options:
Telstra and Optus with competitive Polling Options, depending on your level of risk.

Fast Set Up:
One-touch WPS connection for instant WiFi connection without any cabling.


TechTools new powerful functions give you the ability to not only program your Multicom field devices but also gives you the complete management of your devices, such as commission, enable, disable, and pause devices.  Additionally,  should a customer change their WiFi password, you will be able to remotely connect and reset the WiFi.

Now, with TechTools you can reorder stock and a whole lot more from your PC, Apple, or Android devices.

Low Power Consumption:
Multicom now sets the benchmark for low power consumption.
The Multicom MC4P, MC LTE+, and all future Multicom communicators are now extremely low power consumption.  With less than 70mA standby current, this now makes Multicom LTE+ the industry's best performer in its class.

Download Multicom LTE+ Datasheet