May 20, 2020

New LTE 4G Dual Carrier Alarm Communicator

Announcing the release of the Multicom LTE, a 4G Dual Carrier alarm communicator, operating on the Telstra and Optus 4G and LTE networks.

Key Features of the new LTE Alarm Communicator:

  • Compact Form
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Volume and Incentive Plans
  • Upload/Download
  • High Speed Connections
  • Reliable Data Transfers
  • TechTools
  • AlarmLINK
  • Suretek's 2020 Technology Migration Plan

Compact Form
The LTE's small form housing fits easily into most alarm panels, making installation both quick and efficient.

Competitive Pricing
It is priced competitively, making it one of the lowest cost alarm communicators on the market.

Volume and Incentive Plans
For quantity purchases, please contact us as we are here to support volume users with special pricing and incentive plans.

The LTE is packed with all Multicom's key operational features, including Upload and Download, using the Multicom Smart Modem. Use your Panel Manufacturer's U/D software to program the alarm panel and then take full downloads of the panel configuration, ready for later retrieval.

High Speed Connections / Reliable Data Transfers
The 4G LTE Carrier Networks enable high speed communication and reliable data transfers.

The LTE together with Multicom TechTools is a powerful combination to efficiently commission integrated alarm systems.

The LTE is fully compatible with the Multicom AlarmLINK app, providing your customers with control of the alarm system via the Multicom LTE.

Suretek 2020 Technology Migration Plan
All Multicom Alarm Communicators, including the LTE, are eligible for the Suretek 2020 Technology Migration Plan, giving you valuable hardware credits and ensuring you can efficiently and cost effectively complete 3G (and 4G) communicator swap outs.  Take advantage of this offer now, to get your 3G swap out program in full swing.

Find out more about the Multicom LTE today!


Multicom's Powerful Web Portal

TechTools Update

The latest TechTools web portal now has additional functionality, including updates to the User Permissions and Service Management.  This gives you full control of Enabling/Disabling Multicom services.  User Permissions now have 3 levels:

  • Group Administrator
  • Administrators
  • Authorised Technicians

Make sure that you have your nominated Group Administrator set up in TechTools, which will give you full control of User Authorisation across your Multicom devices.  Let us know if you need guidance on this.

Authorised Technicians can work securely across multiple groups because each group is selected individually at Login.